Sunday, March 20, 2011

Who Left the Oil Cap off?

This past week, I had the chance to present, via Skype, to the Healthcare Management class with Brown Mackie College in Phoenix, Arizona. We discussed the national health policies and the impact of healthcare reform on hospitals and the communities served. We also discussed the core role of ensuring quality and safety to our patients.

As we talked about what it means to be a highly reliable organization, I enjoyed the example one of the students made regarding an oil change company. The oil cap was left off at the end of service and oil started spilling all over when she drove away. How could this have negatively impacted her? Others in the area? Who would have been responsible if she or others were hurt? What additional information would you need to know?

The main take away points:
- Improving quality is a journey

- Understand an organization's focus and priority with their quality and safety initiatives

- Understand your role in contributing to the improved quality and safety in your personal and professional lives

Back to the oil change...any thoughts on my questions?

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