Tuesday, March 15, 2011

TJC - Day 2 Wrap-up

A Note Shared with our Team:

We just finished meeting with our TJC Life Safety Survey. I am pleased to share that we did very well as a hospital and it certainly is reflective of your compassion, leadership and commitment to St. Joseph Medical Center and Carondelet Health. Our final report should be back from TJC over the next couple of weeks.

This certainly is reason to celebrate and we will plan a celebration hospital-wide in the coming weeks. A special thank you to Larry R., VP, Facilities Management, Rachelle B., Regional Director of Quality & Process Improvement and their respective teams. You led us through this ongoing journey and your many extra hours are greatly appreciated.

Thank you again for your leadership, serving our mission and centering your work on the patients we serve.

"Beyond the horizon of time is a changed world, very different from today’s world. Some people see beyond that horizon and into the future. They believe that dreams can become reality. They open our eyes and lift our spirits. They build trust and strengthen our relationships. They stand firm against the wind of resistance and give us the courage to continue the quest. We call these people leaders (Kouzes and Posner, Public Policy & Practice, 1995)."

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