Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mission Leaders

All organizations have missions, typically found in their mission statement.  This past week I had a couple people discussing "mission leaders" with me. Interestingly enough, both of them hold executive positions in Mission Services in their organization - Michael S. with Carondelet Health and Laura R. with Ascension Health.

The question companies typically try to answer - How are we different? How do we truly distinguish what we do from companies with similar services? Typically someone goes to a hospital for surgery, an emergency room visit, outpatient procedure, lab, x-rays, etc. It is expected that the quality of care and outcome will be good. So how do we differ and distinguish ourselves? How do we share our mission?

There are times that the "mission leaders" needs to point out or articulate  things we already doing to serve our mission. The same holds true as for the things we could do better to serve our mission. Many organizations may not have formal "mission leaders." You should count on your executives to serve this role. And as organizations progress, we need everyone moving and improving their comfort in serving as mission leaders.

I look forward to hearing your stories as a mission leader.

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