Monday, March 28, 2011


During our Safety Huddle this morning, I asked for safety stories and inspirational stories from the weekend. Well, after a nasty weather weekend with another snowfall, many heads looked down. I mean frankly this snow is really getting to a lot of us and we just want it to end already. Just when we think we have seen the last of hits us again. Just Schwakopf spoke up and surprised all of us with...."The Snow inspired me." She went on to say that she thought the snowfall was beautiful and could see the flowers blooming. Even though it snowed once again, she spoke of seeing the positive in the snowfall and the importance of Resilience. Her words really hit me.

When I look at the ongoing changes in healthcare and at our hospital, the need to be resilient certainly is needed. We can not look at things and expect them to be exactly the same next week, next month or next year. We need to speak openly about the direction of the organization, our priorities and each of our roles in helping the organization today and into the future. Change is ongoing and it should be as opposed to waiting for things to build up and then finding yourself in a position to make drastic changes all at once. Isn't it like that in our personal lives as well?

Thank you for your words this morning, Judy. Resilience provides continued hope and encourages each of us to stay engaged or get re-engaged. It builds a greater sense of trust, pride and inspiration.

So keep that in mind the next snowfall when you expect to see Spring!

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