Friday, March 11, 2011

Deployed - One of Our Own

We all woke up to hear about the earthquake in Japan. Just devastating.

Tonight I heard from Collette C., RN, one of our exceptional House Supervisors. When Collette is managing our hospital in the evening or weekends, we know we are in safe hands. You may also remember Collette from my blog entry, On Influence and Humility.

You see, others know of Collette's superior skills as well...our National Disaster Medical System where she serves as an Emergency RN. She is on her way to the west coast with the federal disaster team. At this point she may be in California, Hawaii or possibly Japan. It is her first federal deployment. She let me know that she is so proud to be a part of St. Joseph Medical Center.

Well, Collette, we could not be prouder of you for representing our hospital, our healthcare system, our nation, our World.

Be safe. We can't wait to see you back home.

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