Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What a Day to Celebrate

What a day of celebration...

We did well on our TJC survey, a reflection of our collective efforts.

We celebrated our Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet Health with a Prayer Service this afternoon, commemorating 175 years in the United States and 145 years in Kansas City.

And...we celebrated 490 years, yes 490 years of service during our monthly employee recognition luncheon. The lunch is for all associates reaching every 5 year mark.

Check out our employees and number of years with our organization - we have five 30 year heroes:

Five Years:
- Carol Morgan
- Holly Skelton
- David Clark
- Lane Anderson
- Silvia Henriquez
- Yolanda Ross
- Amber Stalcup

Ten Years:
- James Hartness
- Amanda Hocker
- Elena Desiatkin
- David Reece
- Kathleen Mulcahy
- Lartagnan McKinzy
- Cathy Ford
- Beth Preuett
- Harpreet Singh
- Denise Lipschuetz
- Jeanette Cole
- Debbie Maranto

Fifteen Years:
- Jerry Lormis
- Phyllis Morris
- Rosaline Munoz
- Teresa Pettet
- Linda West

Twenty Years:
- Bernadette Sears
- Phillip Lytle
- Lisa Thacker

Twenty Five Years:
- Martha Cochran
- Wanderer Palma

Thirty Years:
- Vinson Liffick
- Spencer Lance
- Doris Bergman
- Margaret Elliott
- Joyce Kempf

Please join me in congratulating everyone. What a great day to celebrate.

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