Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Patient Experience on the Rise

According to GALLUP, the optimal patient experience, what all all customers and patients want is the fulfillment of four psychological elements:
  • Confidence reflects the belief that patients can always trust the hospital to deliver on its promises.
  • Integrity reflects the belief that the hospital always treats patients fairly and will satisfactorily resolve any problems that might occur.
  • Pride reflects the degree to which a patient feels good about using the hospital and about how using the hospital reflects on them.
  • Passion reflects the belief that the hospital is irreplaceable and an integral part of patients' lives.

The patient experience is not only what all hospital strive to improve, it may also impact the way we get paid in the future through Value Based Purchasing. Cynde G. and Deb O., our Chief Nursing Officers of St. Joseph Medical Center and Mary's Medical Center worked with Ginger B., our VP of Strategy & Business Development to re-focus our efforts with the patient experience. They recommended that each department stay focused on three patient experience priorities and stick with them for at least 6 months or longer to allow for greater impact. The results have been very positive in both hospitals.

Congratulations to the following departments at SJMC that are already meeting stretch goals for the year (our fiscal year ends in June) - I know your great efforts will continue:

- Cath Lab
- CT Scan
- GI Lab
- Outpatient Surgery

We have realized improvements in many areas:

Department change in net promoter scores from Quarter 2 to Quarter 3:

- Inpatient Overall +2.2
- Mother Baby +7.5
- 2 North +8.3
- 4 North +10.4
- 4 South +8.2
- 4 West +28.9...this is amazing!
- Outpatient Overall +0.9
- CT Scan +6.2
- MRI +9.6
- Ultrasound +2.4
- ER +2.4
- Outpatient Surgery +5.7

I look forward to hearing some of the initiatives with patient and customer experience in your organization.

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