Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Through my organization, I participate in a weekly on-line dialogue with several associates and physicians others across our system. This week has been interesting with a discussion on Tradition (in reference to Richard Gaillardetz's book, By What Authority).

Chapter three references four traditions that can be found in our lives - they could certainly be applied to our personal and professional lives:

- The "Literal" sense of Tradition (sense of stability over time that is dominant)

- The sense of Tradition as Development-in-Continuity (aspects of tradition that give evidence of significant growth and development)

- The sense of Tradition as a Reversal of Past Beliefs and Practices (the dramatic discontinuity or reversal of positions)

- The sense of Tradition as Novel (openness of new, not just preservation of the "old")

Are you aware of the traditions you will always follow? Are there traditions you challenge or want to develop? Are there Novel ones that will one day be the Traditions of Reversal?

How do we keep them all in balance when they are in a constant state of movement?

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