Wednesday, February 23, 2011

TJC Day 2 - Sharing Our Story

Surveys by any regulatory agency can add stress to the day. I met with our TJC surveyors this morning and they shared observations, recommendations and best practices from yesterday. The common theme - when we share our story, why we provide the care the way we do and how we go about providing it, those are best practices. And the key is not only learning from the surveyors. We keep learning from other departments across the hospital and from other hospitals.

Last week I met with several large health systems to discuss new and "better" practices towards improving the healthy food and drink options in each of our facilities (e.g., "Fryless" Fridays). Even though a few of us are competitors, we found common ground and were able to discuss ways that we could help improve the health of our own workplaces and our communities as a whole.

The Joint Commission survey allows another forum for those shared ideas and practices.

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