Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I-C-U baby...I-C-U!

So many great stories have been floating since our weather challenge the past couple days. I will give more details of the evening over the coming days.

Today, I shared with our team that Johnny, one of our nutrition services associates was at work Wednesday morning after the major storm. I thanked him for being there and he instantly turned to me and said, hey Scott, isn't that why we are all here, I-C-U baby...I-C-U (referring to our Values: Integrity - Compassion - Unity)!

Let me share just a couple of stories that came my way today. Please send your stories so I could share them as well.

I didn't have to come to work yesterday but came today to hear how everyone pulled together to make everything work out for everyone. The employees who slept here overnight went so far to say they actually had "fun".
Thanks to all those who so well supported the staff and patients!
Kathy, RN

My nurse, walked to work this morning….yep, walked!! She got her car stuck last night on the way home and was stranded until 1am and left her car and walked the rest of the way home. She knew she had to be at work this morning and so she just walked all the way here. She is new to St. Joseph (been here for only a few months) and her level of dedication to the patients and the organization is amazing. She is a hard worker and always a joy to be around. I just wanted you to know that this is another example of how awesome our employees are….I-C-U baby!!


Sarah, RN, MSN, CCRN


So the next time your caught in a major situation with a need for all hands on deck, just remember why we do this: I-C-U baby...I-C-U!

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