Tuesday, February 1, 2011

State of Emergency Declared: Living our Values

Kansas City, Missouri has declared as state of emergency with our worst blizzard in years.

Our Values at St. Joseph Medical Center: Integrity - Compassion - Unity

I will tell you that today is just one of those days that stands out and makes me so proud. Our SJMC Team pulled together to ensure our a smooth day under very trying weather conditions.

Our collective efforts were just amazing. Since 7a the planning started with extended plans to get us through our shifts tomorrow - it was "All Hands on Deck." Everyone lending a hand to keep our patients safe....to keep each other safe. Tonight, we housed over 120 associates, volunteers and physicians who wanted to make sure we stayed safe to provide care and support for today and tomorrow. It's really impressive to see how many spaces were identified as overnight rest/sleep areas!

Days like today, are true tests of our mission and values. Without a doubt, our team rose to the occasion. A special thank you to the incredible associates, volunteers and physicians from St. Joseph Medical Center and Carondelet Health.

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