Friday, February 18, 2011

Creators & Dependents

Did you check out the moon this morning. It was really amazing and made me pause to take it in today. Sure, I have seen many full moons. For some reason today it really struck me. I knew I was on the way to a good start of the day.

This morning, I rounded on some patient care units. This is one of the most enjoyable parts of my job. Every day brings new energy. It gives me a chance to stay present and get a sense of what's working well along with top priorities in each area. We really do amazing things in healthcare. I even had the opportunity to see a patient playing a guitar to stay relaxed through his treatment.

As I heard about the work everyone was doing, it reminded me of a dialogue I had with our leadership team. When are we creators/co-creators of our work (taking the lead) and when are we dependent (taking the lead from others).

For me, when I think about this I immediately go to the life at home and the life at work. At work, my natural inclination is creator/co-creator and at home, dependent!

Several months ago I launched Lean Six Sigma training with our Regional Director and Coordinator in the Quality & PI department. There is so much more work that still needs to be done as we become a more highly reliable organization on our journey towards becoming a Patient Safety Organization. This week, I sat in on a Kaizen event led by other executives in our organization with a multidisciplinary group working with them. I sat in and observed feeling present and truly dependent on their work for our success. It was actually an amazing feeling to be dependent on them and knowing the work would progress even better with them as the new "co-creators".

On a lighter note, at home, my spouse is the CEO, COO, CMO, CNO and Chief Safety Officer. Our family is dependent on her to shape and guide our family efforts. Now, please note that I do get to play Accountant in my home - my son is our CIO and daughters serve as dual VPs for Marketing & Fun. The one thing my kids let me keep - the creator of rides and funny stories in the evening.

As we all experience challenges in our organizations and outside of work, what could we learn from each other as creators and dependents?

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  1. Attitude matters. That is what I learn as the creator of my environment to the benefit of those that fall under the dependent category for work. When I have a great attitude, in spite of circumstances, the patients, their family and those in need of my help are able to get it without the distraction, or discouragement of dealing with someone who is creating a negative environment.