Friday, February 25, 2011

TJC Day 4 Wrap-up: Our Patients are in Great Hands

A note I shared today with our associates, volunteers and medical staff:

Day 4 of our Joint Commission survey has come to an end.

Wow...we did exceptionally well. Kudos to all of our associates, physicians, Board members and volunteers. The surveyors shared that our team should be extremely proud of the work we have done over the past three years. They were very impressed with everyone they met. This is great cause to celebrate and continue to manage to our high standards.

We still have our Life Safety Survey pending. This will also be unannounced. Once that survey is complete, we will know how we did overall.

Again, congratulations on your amazing work. I am so proud and appreciate all that you do to live out our mission. Our patients are in great hands at St. Joseph Medical Center & Carondelet Health.

Rachelle, Susan, Lindsay, Larry, Cynde, Jane and Nan - thank you for your non-stop leadership and guidance leading up to and through this week!

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