Friday, February 25, 2011

Still Smiling After the Kaizen Event

Cynde Gamache, Collette Culver, Yolanda Ross, Carolyn Stewart, Abby Kurtz, Angela Dreckmeier, Catherine Gieseke, Denise Camacho, Linda Fleeks, Vikki Hinkle, Donna Sumner, Susan Ward, Lindsay Alexander, Rachelle Babin

Thank you Lean Team...a picture from the Kaizen Event team:
Discharge Room Turnover Process

This team redesigned our process making the it so much smoother as patients flow through our system. The team identified a plan to reduce the bed turnover time by 70%. This helps our ability to place a new patient needing an inpatient bed. Just amazing work.

Thank you to all who participated. This was a huge undertaking.

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