Monday, January 24, 2011

Value Stories...

I would like to recognize our SJMC team including staff, physicians, volunteers and "vendor" partners (I am not a big fan of the term vendor as it does not always reflect the true partnership and relationship with an organization). Here are a couple of Value Stories:

From CherĂ­ C., Respiratory Therapy (re: Gary M. with Apria):
During the recent snowstorm, a patient was discharged and scheduled for an immediate delivery of Respiratory Therapy materials. The driver from Apria who received the call for set-up came out in the storm but could not make delivery to the residence because his truck could not make the hill. The driver walked to the residence, made contact with the patient and her daughter, then proceeded to hand carry all of her oxygen tanks and supplies to her house from the truck, which included the large oxygen concentrator machine.

From a grateful patient:
I want you to know how much I appreciate the care I received at St. Joseph Medical Center. I especially want to thank the wonderful woman who called all over the Kansas City area to find a hand surgeon to put my mangled hand back together. She finally reached Dr. Cusick, who came from a dinner party to perform emergency surgery. Please let your entire emergency room staff know how much I and my family appreciate the care I received that evening. I really believe the Lord wanted me to come to St. Joseph because He wanted me to get the best care available.

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