Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Gift of Feedback

Recently, I reflect more on "Feedback":

I consider "constructive (promoting improvement or development)" feedback a gift. Do you? Many years ago someone told me that their feedback to me was a gift.. Well, I will tell you that it did not feel like the type of gift I enjoy. Until I had a chance to truly reflect on their perspective. Only then did I start to encourage feedback regularly. Now I get gifts on a daily basis (admittedly, there are some days when the gifts are more enjoyable than others)!

Of course, there are some basic key considerations to make feedback constructive:

1. Having the courage to give it.

2. Having the courage to receive it.

3. Having the knowledge to handle feedback in a constructive way and understanding what you will do with the feedback (e.g., showing appreciation, doing nothing or retaliating) - of course that, in turn, provides direct or indirect feedback to the initial person.

Is Feedback working well in your life? Care to share your stories on success and...well, not such successful feedback stories.

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