Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Do Over

"Do Over or Do something over" means to do something again from the beginning especially because you did it so poorly the first time.

Sure, in golf we get mulligans and it is very cordial among players (most of the time).

How often to we get "do overs" with each our colleagues, customers, patients and families (in our hospitals). How do we create that comfort to allow a do over? After all, once things start poorly, many times it can escalate when all parties could benefit from a do over.

This morning Jane (#6), my superb and fearless Executive Assistant came into my office to get a file. I followed her out to discuss it and we seemed to have a tense exchange. I walked away and a minute later she walked into my office and said, "Do Over." I then said, "Good morning, Jane, how are you today." Followed by Jane stating "Good morning, doing well, thank you." And the day began again with a new fresh start.

Sure, there are times you can not not take things back or start again. However, there are probably more times than we credit when we could just have a "Do over,"start the situation fresh and decrease unwanted (and unneeded) tension.
Try it some time. I look forward to hearing your Do Overs!

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