Wednesday, May 25, 2011

There is a Funnel Cloud Directly over State Line and 435

A note I shared with our team today...

St.Joseph Medical Center, right off 435 and State Line Road...that's where we work.

Well, today we knew fully well what we were up against with the Joplin devastation just a few days ago. We tuned to our TV to hear the reporter say: "There is a dark funnel cloud directly over State Line and 435 Highway"...directly over us.

I am so proud of the team effort we showed.. Our patients were safe and families and visitors felt the same. We had several people pull off the road and come to St. Joseph for safety. They were so appreciative of the welcome they received.

Here are a couple comments I received:
From Kathleen Henderson: I just got a hold of my sister, who lives in south Overland Park – all is fine. But she wanted to tell me that when she was watching the news when a reporter in Louisburg, KS made this comment: “On a personal note, my relative was at St. Joseph Medical Center when all this was happening. Those folks at St. Joe did a great job of getting all the patients and visitors to a safe place”

From Lindsay Alexander: I was with Nan going from unit to unit to see what we could help with…all units were fabulous. They all had the patients already in the halls. You could over hear them interacting with the patients, they all did so in a calm and courteous way. They were asking all patients what they needed and providing extra blankets to everyone. Respiratory was spot on too. Facilities was out rounding to ensure curtains were shut etc. Just wanted to let you know that I was proud to see that kind of care and team work.

Our daily work is challenging enough without the mix of a natural disaster. Thank you all for your support, compassion and tremendous teamwork this afternoon. We are a true reflection of our mission.

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