Friday, May 6, 2011

I'm The One Calling at 3am

I'm the one who calls you at 3am...

That's what Dr. Tom Millard said when Dr. Bernie Judy reached across to introduce himself during our medical staff golf, tennis and fitness afternoon.

As an ER physician, Dr. Millard has to make those 3am calls to other physicians and knows that no one wants to be woken up! Dr. Judy let him know that he always appreciates his calls as he only gets them when there is a real need.

Yesterday, during our event, it just reinforced the benefit of camaraderie among colleagues. We work together professionally and may really never get a chance to know the each other on a more personal level.

Sure, there are always appropriate professional and personal boundaries and work - getting to know about each others' families and hobbies is certainly okay. In fact, those relationships will further the care we provide and improve the ways we support each other.

And getting to meet the voice at the other end of the phone after several years of talking...priceless.


Picture of me and Annette Small, our CEO for St. Mary's Medical Center. Over the past couple of weeks, we have been together at many events and gatherings. We are starting to feel like "Flat Stanley" getting pictures together all over the city!

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