Monday, May 9, 2011

How Would You Like to See What Your Hospital is Really Like?

What's your orientation like? Does it meet your needs?

Well, when I started at St. Joseph Medical Center, John Cottitta, Jr, one of our front desk volunteers, asked if I wanted to work with him. He said something like, "young man, how would you like to work with me and see what your hospital is really like?" How could I resist. John showed me the ropes and oriented me to the front desk responsibilities, answering phone calls and visitors' questions. Everyone knew John - he was clearly the "Mayor" of the front desk. Now granted, John thought there was a lot of improvement I needed at the front desk and he never missed an opportunity to provide guidance on my regular day job either.

A couple weeks ago, I included John's volunteer hours from our annual event - he clocked in the most hours with over 18,600 hours over 27 years...the equivalent of almost 9 years of full time work hours - as our volunteer. Recently, John became ill and had to took a leave from his post.

My friend, John, died yesterday just shy of his 87th birthday. We will miss you John. We are so appreciative of your dedication to our mission, the lives you touched and the difference you made.

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