Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pride in Our Work

Don't you enjoy hearing why people chose their profession?

Ann Ventrillo RN, our Clinical Quality Specialist with Carondelet Home Care Services shared her story with me...

I also started my health care career as a "candy-striper" but in a home for seniors.
Instant love and wanted to "Save the World" (the 60’s)….went on to Nursing at Avila College where I first met the "sisters"….I had wonderful teachers many of whom are still involved with SJMC today! Sister Rosemary Flanigan, Sister Patricia Lorenz and many others.
I did many of my clinicals at the old St Joseph Hospital on Linwood.

I worked at Catholic Charities Home Health which then became Carondelet Home Care 25 years ago….My passion for home care began in the 1970’s and I was with St Joseph Hosp / Carondelet Home Care until we moved to Memphis, TN in the late 90’s.

I was absolutely thrilled when the administrator of Carondelet Home Care called me last October and asked me to come back.

I told her then, that there is no one else in town that could have called and offered me anything to change companies…..

St Joseph is where my heart has always been. Carondelet Home Care is my passion….It is my privilege to serve. I am blessed.

What's your story?

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