Friday, April 16, 2010

What if I Win the Boston Marathon

I have been speaking with several physicians lately about all the changes in healthcare and their willingness to consider their other career options. Some have actually explored other avenues and let me know other industries may not have it much easier.

Many of us are feeling the long lasting changes from the economy and the majoy impact it has on our business and our personal lives. They key is to keep our head out of the sand and understand what we can control and influence in order to make the necessary changes. It is also helpful to reflect on what we really love doing and see if we could incorporate those things in our every day lives.

On that note, I am heading to Boston tomorrow to run the Boston Marathon on Monday. If I win I may reconsider my career options - look out 2009 Champions: Mens - Deriba Merga with a 2:08:42 and Women's - Salina Kosgei with a 2:32:16) and U.S. favorite Ryan Hall.

Under the slight chances of that happening (note: approximately 10% of the elite and top runners would have to be disqualified or not enter the race in order to help me achieve this goal), I am prepared to get back to my post at the hospital and continue to look for ways we could manage our healthcare systems like we try to manage our health and fitness...

Personal Health/Business Health:

Increase Growth

(e.g., muscle mass, cardiac levels / additional volume)

Reduce Waste

(eg., excess fat / expense management, decrease non-valued processes)

Improve Overall Quality and Health

(e.g., cholesterol, vital signs / Clinical outcomes).

Enjoy your weekend.

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