Monday, April 19, 2010

My Competitors Were Confronted...I am Back to my Post

Well, here I was on Sunday, the first one to arrive at the 114th Boston Marathon finish line. Unfortunately, the race was still 24 hours until start time...

On Saturday, I ran into professional runners Ryan and Sara Hall. I let Ryan know I just referenced him in my last blog entry. While he sized me up, he did not seem intimidated by me and agreed to a picture. He asked my goal for the race (outside of winning the whole thing). I shared my goal and he stayed quiet on his goal.

On Sunday, I met Khalid Khannouchi, the current US marathon record holder.

Boston Marathon is the one marathon in which people need to qualify with certain times from other marathons based on their respective age division. It was very uplifting to see what so many Boston marathoners have accomplished both personally and professionally. Meeting many people this weekend, I had a chance to better understand their discipline and determination to continuously learn and strive to improve their performance. There were people from every state and many different countries represented.

Ryan ended up having his personal record (PR). He certainly had a plan to win. His time was the US record for Boston Marathon and would have given him the #1 slot in all but 3 Boston Marathons since 1999. While I am sure he was disappointed in not winning, his attitude is all about winning and giving back. Did I mention Sara ran a 4:43.7 mile at the Invitational Mile the same weekend.

Ryan and Sara not only strive to make themselves better: they use running as a means to help others in need, very similar to our mission in hospitals. Let me share story I read over the weekend from Runner's World magazine:

In a prior NYC Marathon, Hall was paid to run NYC and received prize money according to his finish and then…he give it all away. He and Sara Ryan announced the creation of the “STEPS Foundation”, which will fund programs to create a better life for youth living in poverty in the United States and abroad. The foundation is working with the New York Road Runners club to fund a “Young Runners” club in each of New York City’s five boroughs. Ryan Hall has made no secret that inspiring young runners is one of the key goals of his career. As a result of the Hall's STEPS Foundation at least 200 children will be introduced to the benefits of running. According to

The foundation aims to use running lessons to encourage people to take “small steps” toward the goal of tackling issues like clean water, sex trafficking, and leadership development. Domestically, the foundation plans to create mentoring programs for at-risk youth to train for a race with an adult runner. The name of the foundation is based on one of the couples favorite Mother Theresa quote
s: “I can do no great things, just small things with great love.” Sarah Hall told Runners “Just like the marathon distance, trying to make a difference on global poverty can seem a daunting task. But just as many small steps add up to a marathon, Ryan and I want to do our own small acts with great love - while dreaming big - and inspire others to do the same, hopefully causing a ripple effect within the running community and throughout the world.”

Here’s what the type five professional men will earned for the 2009 New York City Marathon (Ryan took 4th place):
1. 130,000 ($200,000 if previous champion.)
2. 65,000
3. 40,000
4. 25,000
5. 15,000

This is an act that speaks to his commitment to charity work. The Hall's foundation link:

So many of us in the healthcare industry are not in the business for the sole reason of making money. There is a greater purpose of helping others. Many of us give our time, money and best work to our organizations and those we serve. At times, like a marathon our work is an exhausting endeavor. Sometimes we try our best or try things which would have succeeded in the past, only to come up short. The similarities I saw with the marathoners this weekend and the healthcare workers is their determination, focus on outcomes, focus on giving back to those less fortunate and the care they provide to one another.

I'm back from Boston and I look forward to hearing from you.

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