Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Living in a Fishbowl...Finding Balance

How do I find balance during my busy schedule....

Healthcare management and healthcare in general involve a lot of time at work (so you want to enjoy what you do). There are times that people just need to get away to handle personal items during the day. This funny story came to me by a healthcare manager (who I'll call Susie) just trying to keep some balance in her life...

Funny story…

I was introduced to a gentleman through friends last week (email introduction…wonderful world of cyberspace and dating) and have met him twice for coffee. He is busy with kids/job as am I so it’s tough to find time…so today at 10:45 we were able to meet for a coffee.

First I show up @ Dean and Deluca and some woman is on the ground with one person assisting her…she passed out after giving blood. Made sure she was okay…no hitting of her head, not nauseated, good strong pulse etc…and 911 had been called. Perfect start….might I add she was right in front of the place to order salads and sandwiches!

Next I hear “hi Susie” and it’s your spouse. She was very sweet but I’m sure was wondering “what is Susie doing here at 10:45”. I told her meeting someone for coffee… next I run into one my prn staff, shopping with her baby boy….again, have to explain why the one day I sneak out for an early coffee I’m not AT work….

Next I run into another colleague who was on vacation this week…again…the winking and implication that I’m doing something “illegal”.

What I learned…someone is always there…how far do I have to drive?

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