Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July, the day we celebrate Independence Day with family and friends. It is a day to celebrate our freedom.

My blog is certainly one expression of freedom of speech as a way to communicate my thoughts on things in the healthcare arena and a forum to hear from others as well.

Today I received what I call a 'nastigram'. Certainly everyone is entitled to their freedom of speech. In order for me to post 'nastigrams', please ensure the comments are constructive. In no way do I mean they must be positive about me, the hospital, etc. However, they should be constructive. For example, if something 'stinks', please be more specific so we could be more focused in our efforts to improve.

The Safety Huddles we started this past Monday were just another example on our efforts to ensure we provide the safest environment for our patients, staff, volunteers, physicians and visitors. We have always been committed to safety and added these Huddles to enhance our efforts further.

I look forward to hearing your comments and will post all positive and negative comments as long as obscenities are not used and you specify any concerns so we could address. I appreciate your consideration.

Be Safe Tonight.

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