Tuesday, March 9, 2010

February Highlights

Since starting my blog, I have been very impressed with the openness of the CEO bloggers. Dr. Paul Levy is certainly the person whom many of us credit for starting our own blog. In my case it was Dr. Levy and Marty Bonick . It really allows us a chance to share our perspective on our organization and healthcare in general.

Each month I send out highlights to our associates. We are certainly very proud of the care and service we provide. I would like to share a few of the February highlights with you:

- St. Joseph Medical Center's inpatient and outpatient services satisfaction results are tracking the highest in over 2 years - a true reflection of our focus on patient experience.

- A couple of weeks ago, I hosted a breakfast meeting with staff from various departments. We discussed the benefit of employees going to other departments to 'walk in your shoes' to better understand one another's role and impact in the organization. I am pleased to share the Float Pool RN orientation process now includes a day spent shadowing unit secretaries and PCAs, in order to provide a 'walk in their shoes' experience. This process will soon be rolled out to all RN orientation. Thank you to Lee V. and the entire Float Pool team.

- Nicki R. (ICU Educator) has been invited to share her abstract and poster presentation “Are Capillary Samples for Tight Blood Glucose Control Accurate in Critically Ill Patients?” at the 3rd Evidence-Based Practice on the Frontline conference in Columbia, MO.

- Research shows that first year turnover rates can be as high as 50% across companies. In an effort to increase keep strong retention rates, Human Resources has been inviting employees who have been with Carondelet Health between 60 and 90 days to a monthly program called S.T.A.Y. (Success Through Asking You). program is a great way for us to encourage communication while getting feedback that could help improve the workplace and increase retention.

- The Outpatient Sport Rehab Center has officially started offering a Telephone Sports Injury Line. We are promoting this service at the Overland Park Soccer Complex. It is available to all in the community.

As always I look forward to hearing from you.

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