Tuesday, March 16, 2010

And You May Ask Yourself...How Did I get Here?

Each year I set personal goals around my family, health, professional growth, community involvement and personal hobbies. The challenge in advancing these goals usually comes down to what I do every day, weekand month to get there. At times I find myself shocked at what takes place along this journey. Just 30 days ago I ate meat everyday with no pets in the house. Today, I find myself a vegetarian (with a little influence from my wife after she read Alicia Silverstone's book, the Kind Diet). And as of Sunday we now have a new dog, Louie.
I now appreciate the lyrics in the Talking Heads song...'and you may
ask yourself, how did I get here?'

Our businesses change so quickly. Many days if feels as though you could put the same effort into successful outcomes as you do when things do not go as planned. It amazes me to see how things can change and advance every month.
It is exciting to share a vision on where we will be in 1, 3 and 5
years. It is extremely rewarding to share our strategy and what we will achieve in 30-45 days to ensure we stay on track for the longer vision.
This morning I had breakfast with Dr. Braham. We ate at Waids which is certainly a Kansas City staple. Dr. Braham shared with me his thoughts on his practice's growth and the strong rise in physician employment across the country. While intellectually people know who'employs' them, he focuses on treating every patient as his 'employer'. They shape when he gets to work and when he leaves. They evaluate him through the care he provides and pay him once satisfied.  Everyone he come across is a 'potential employer'. This certainly applies to many of our work places and it speaks to the personal attention and connection each of have the ability to provide to 'current, future and potential employers'.
It is important to focus on what we will do today in order to advance our personal and professional lives for the future. What we do everyday can be challenging, frustrating and rewarding. Isn't that why we we are here? 
Time to go...our loveable Louie won't stop barking.

I look forward to hearing your challenging, frustrating and rewarding stories.
Meet Louie...

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