Monday, March 22, 2010

Your Undivided Attention, Please

Last week, our executive team spent 1 1/2 days together (we have several new members) to discuss ways we could assist each others' efforts and the overall performance of our organization. While most of us are probably not big fans of retreats, it was one which we walked away and all had a very good experience. We had a chance to work with Mark from LeadQuest. Some of the key things we discussed were based on Mark's 10 principles of Personal Leadership.

The list sticks with the basics. Many of us know them and many of us struggle with the consistency of enrolling all 10 principles. One of my top focus areas was something I shared in my blog a few weeks back when I served as a panelist on social in the moment (the 1st principle).

Something I really enjoyed seeing...staying in the moment for each activity actually relaxed me and the others. One interesting challenge is to stay engaged on an activity for 15 minutes, 30 or even the full hour. Not easy at all. Now it begs the question, when many of us (that includes me) are not big fans of long meetings day after day, why do we keep having the same meeting format? It is actually difficult for people to stay fully engaged for a one hour discussion without checking their watch, emails, etc.

So this week, I would like to hear your feedback on ways you stay in the moment and ways you keep those meeting times down to address what you set out to accomplish.

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