Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Go Lean Team....Graduating Class Celebrates

Today we had the graduation of our first Lean Six Sigma graduates who all received their Green Belt certification today. Our training was in collaboration with Johnson County Community College - thank you JCCC! The Graduates reporting on 5 projects that will positively impact our quality, safety, patient flow, satisfaction, growth and financial improvement. We will continue to build on our culture of high reliability. Congratulation Graduates:

- Lisa M.
- Jesse A.
- Amy M.
- Jeff K.
- Mindy C.
- Faith P.
- Lee V.
- Jenn L.
- Brad S.
- Andrew B.
- Lori B.
- Barbara B.
- Cynde G.
- Susan W.
- Vikki H.
- Donna S.

Thank you Lindsay, Rachelle, Russ and the JCCC Leadership team. Amazing work by everyone.

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