Wednesday, August 25, 2010

No Mighty Mouse in Here!

Phines, Antonio & Scott

Steve, Phines and Antonio

This week, I went 'In Your Shoes' on the Receiving Dock where I worked for Phines and Antonio. They were not shy to give me orders and put me right to work!

Shipment Arrives and the Match Game Begins:
The 2p shipment just arrived. Our task was to get the right products to the right department for our patients. Easy right? Absolutely not! First, we had to match the order with the boxes. Of course, the shipments did not arrive with each order on the same pallet. This added a lot of wasted time for us. I was certain that those sending the boxes were just playing games with us. Could you imagine looking for cereal at the grocery store only to find the different brands spread over 5 aisles. Phines was so good that he pointed to a box I was looking for without even seeing the label!

Don't Cut the Product:
Another interesting lesson was the need to start out cutting from the 'top' of the box as a beginner. There was a thin cardboard sheet (only placed at the top of the closed boxes) that protected the sterile products from being cut. Ideally, you would not cut the cardboard and could then advance your skills by flipping the box over and cutting from the 'bottom' of the box. This allowed you to empty the box more quickly without pulling up (and therefore, hurting your back). Needless to say, I was not able to move past this beginner stage as I cut into just about every cardboard protective sheet. I will steer away from a future career as a surgeon as well.

Safety First:
At one point, I picked up the boxes and Phines said, "Hey, no Mighty Mouse in here. Use the cart. We need everyone safe and back to work tomorrow."

Try out 'In Your Shoes':
It was another great 'In Your Shoes' Experience. I recommend everyone try it with another department to better appreciate other perspectives. My next stop is back on the nursing floors.

Thank you Steve F, Regional Manager, for your support and to my two bosses Phines and Antonio.

Let me know about any of your 'In Your Shoes' experiences.

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