Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Can't A Man Get Some Privacy Around Here?

A few years back my wife was working as an occupational therapist in the schools. One day, she had a young child who took off and ran into the bathroom. When she went after him, she asked if he was ok. His response (as grown up as can be) was, "Can't a man get some privacy around here?"

Another time, I went to see a well known speaker named Quint and he provided some ground rules which I really liked. Ask him anything at anytime during the week except...when he was in the bathroom. He said that was a time when silence was probably best and we could talk when outside that zone. The funny thing is I happened to see him in the bathroom and he asked how I was enjoying the conference. I let him know I was certainly enjoying it but also wanted to follow his ground rules so we could complete the conversation later.

That brings me to a situation I was in this week. I walked into the bathroom (I know, clearly too much info for the blog today) and someone walked in and asked, "Is that you, Scott?" Needless to say, a little awkward but I responded accordingly. He went on to let me know there were delays in one of the departments and asked if I could follow up with them. Of course I said I would as a longer discussion was not my main focus at the time.

So, I want everyone to know that I will remain open in my communication, accessible and transparent on the direction of our organization. However, one rule does need to be put in place...no talking once "utilization" starts in the restrooms.

Just thought you'd enjoy a little levity today.

I look forward to hearing some of your comical situations.

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