Thursday, February 25, 2010

Patient Satisfaction on the Rise

All hospitals have their patient satisfaction results viewed on a publicly reported website. Our data from April 2008-May 2009 is posted below in the top graph. It shows our overall score of 69% for Likelihood to Recommend. As I have listed in other blog entries, you always want to shoot for "absolute satisfaction" (a goal of all Ascension Health ministries).

I also included our most recent Net Promoter Score results through HealthStream Research. This data is trended through February 3, 2010 and shows us moving in a favorable direction since April-June 2009 (the 4th Quarter of our Fiscal year). We have gone from 63.5% to 76.9% and have had a lot of focus around our coordination of care among the associates, physicians, volunteers and patients. Obviously, there are many factors which go into a patient experience. SJMC is part of Ascension Health, the largest non-profit health system in the nation. For the past three years, Ascension Health has looked to each hospital to ensure a Consistent, Exceptional Ascension Health Experience. While each hospital has plans around key patient satisfaction priorities, Ascension Health provides a newsletter with some best practices and success stories.

We are committed to ensuring you get updated and accurate information from us directly around any of our outcomes. Please feel free to contact me with additional information you would like me to post.

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