Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Today is Going to Be the Best Day Ever

Last night, I said goodnight to my kids. Skyler had many camp stories. Sydney told me today was "the best day ever" and shared that her camp team won the "spirit stick." Zach was deep into a book and said, "I'm almost done...just a few pages." It was so great to see their excitement. Zach let me know that he loved finishing a book and looked forward to starting the next in the series by Rick Riordon. He told me he is done for the night but can't wait to start his next book. Isn't that part of our journey in healthcare? That constant excitement for what's next...what we could be.

He also pulled a few of the books off his shelf and asked me to start reading them...I let him know that I was not quite ready for them yet!

That spark, that enthusiasm is so contagious. That's part of our world in healthcare, the "contagious" compassion, sincerity and excitement we show in our work with each and every person we serve.

This morning Jenny asked Sydney, are you looking forward to another day at camp. Of course Sydney replied with all sincerity..."today is going to be the best day ever."

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