Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Has Anyone Seen the Bladder Scanner?

We spend a lot of time at work and there are things I really enjoy and things that do start to get to me. One of those things has been the overhead page looking for a bladder scanner. No, it does happen often, but when it does, I often wonder...did the overhead help? Did a group of individuals stop and say, "hey the bladder scanner is missing, let's go hunt for it."

Now in our continuous improvement mindset, we are exploring more effective options for finding what is missing or tracking those items prior to leaving the unit. Funny thing is that I must have mentioned this during one of my Town Halls or while rounding and here is a note I received from Georgia Zeller, one of our ER associates. It just cracked me up... "Scott, I’VE GOT IT!!! I know how you absolutely hate the overhead page for “the unit that has the bladder scanner, please return it to 4 East.” I just heard it again and had a brain storm. We could establish another secret code… code green, code blue, code gray Are you ready??? Code BS (bladder scanner). Visitors wouldn’t have a clue what the page was for, but they might think something worse than bladder scanner. What do you think?? So much for my inspiration this morning. Have a great day, Georgia"

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