Sunday, January 2, 2011

What is Your New Year's Resolution?

The new year always bring on a time of reflection for me and my family. Of course, we go through the usual traditional questions:

What were your resolutions from last year? Did you stick with your resolutions?
What are your resolutions for 2011? Most importantly, what are things you did well or enjoyed doing and you want to continue doing? What are the things you would like to do better this year? My kids shared some resolutions included their efforts to continue reading and writing. My son said he wants to improve his grades. He also said that he improved his handwriting (this is a resolution I have had for years without success - so glad the computer and smartphones came along!).
Like many, my resolutions include increasing time with family and friends, improving my health, improving my performance at work, traveling and more relaxation time. Too much to ask? Maybe, but still my resolutions.

My work resolutions include:

Continue to improve our Efforts as a High Reliability organization
Our communities rely on us every day to ensure they receive safe and effective care in a highly reliable, compassionate and service-oriented manner. Each department will continue to have daily safety huddles and focus on the priority areas. Our leadership team will do the same and continue to shape our safety huddles based upon the feedback from the department huddles.

Improving Communication Forums
As it relates to the workplace, I would like to continue to find additional ways to improve communication and ensure that everyone has a voice in our organization. For example, I have town hall meetings, employee breakfasts, department meetings, etc. I also round on a regular basis at different times in addition to writing a blog and interacting one on one and by by email. This still does not reach the majority of associates, volunteers and physicians on a daily or even weekly basis. Now, I know one response could be, "maybe they don't want to interact with you, Scott!" So, for those who may want to improve communication with me and the rest of our leadership team, what additional communication forums would you suggest?

Improving Process Improvement Implementation
This past year, we have been much more proactive in making process improvements throughout the hospital. There is still an opportunity to improve how we implement these changes including 'over' communicating the reason and potential impact of any change. Not to mention, we want to see an increased number of people engaged in making these changes; especially those closest to the process.

Improve the Health of our Workforce
We all know and hear about the benefits of staying healthy or improving our health. Of course, lack of health takes its toll financially. Just as important are the negative physical and emotional implications. This year, I will work with our leadership team and hospital associates on ways we can improve and promote our own health. As a healthcare provider, in addition to providing exceptional care, we want to be seen as a role model for healthy living.

I look forward to hearing your resolutions.

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