Friday, January 14, 2011

Drop the Chilupa...

On Monday, I had the chance to help out on one of our nursing floors. I was asked to round on patients to see if they needed anything such as ice, water, blankets. Any nursing requests would of course go back to their respective nurse. One patient said, "would you be a doll and help me fold my blanket" (yes, it has been several years since someone called me "doll"). I started to fold and she gave me a "friendly" tap on my hand and said, "not that way, fold like this" as she showed me the way. I then noticed that she started to pull at her colostomy bag. Immediately, the Taco Bell chihuahua commercial stating "drop the chalupa" came to mind. I said, "hold on, I have only been authorized to get ice, water and blankets. Don't touch the bag...I will get your nurse." She smiled and agreed.

It was great to see the "all hands on deck" for our nursing units as they asked for support during some key times of the day. Thank you Darci, Vicki, Mindy for offering an extra set of hands.

Another great example of how organizations continue to work better together to support those we serve.

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