Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Decoration Poem

A fun and safe way to celebrate. This went out to our associates (Thank you Shirley):

RE: Christmas decorations

All the departments throughout the hospital
Liked the Holiday Season a lot…
But the Environment of Care (EOC) Committee
It seemed, for some reason did not!

The Safety Committee was nervous,
Realizing the Holiday Season was here,
And let’s not forget – regulatory agencies are always near.

While departments are decorating and decking their halls,
Putting up trees and wrapping the walls,
The Committee knew it was the time to send out the information this year.
So, the Committee set up guidelines to which all departments must adhere.

All artificial decorations, including wreaths and trees
must be made out of non-combustible materials,
And proof of flammability rating we must see.

No decorations can be hung or strung from fire sprinklers, ceilings or lights.
All electrical decorations or string lights are just NOT permitted.
It is even stated that one cannot be committed
To decorating a large area or space
With wrapping paper used to grace
And cover the walls, deck the columns, wrap desks or floors,
And don’t even think of covering the Code Red Barrier Doors!

Last but not least, all decorations and/or trees
Should not be placed in corridors, landings or near these:
Hose cabinets, circuit boxes, informational signs, areas of EXIT keep free,
From covering as well as the fire extinguishers, blocked they should never be!

Wait! There is one more thing to hold dear.
Our decorations should not interrupt
The quality of patient care -
For that is why we are all here.

The moral of the story is the EOC Committee does like the Season,
For what they do, they do for a reason.
Keeping everyone and the building safe
Is a duty this Committee must face.

Have a Safe, Healthy and Happy Holiday Season!

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