Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Good Relationships - A Healthy Hearthy Option

Last night I was visiting with some of our patients and just have to brag. When they spoke of the care they received, each patient stated that of course, they received the care, or surgery or treatment they expected. What they were really pleased with was the relationship they were now forming with our nurses, techs, consulting physicians, volunteers and housekeeping (EVS).

Just last week my wife mentioned the same thing to me..."Isn't life just about the relationships we form at home, work, the gym, church, temple, social event....(and the list goes on)." It is so very basic yet easy to miss at times. When things are not going well, it could usually go back to a relationship and the expectations of each party. When things don't go well, the same applies.

There was even an interesting medical study noted by The Early Show's medical correspondent Dr. Emily Senay. "She notes that previous research suggests close relationships are good for heart health, and there's lots of evidence that emotions can have powerful effects on physical health. Psychological factors are now recognized as contributing to the development of heart disease."

As we hit the Christmas and New Year weekends, please enjoy those key relationships that make your world whole.

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