Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Healthy Food & Good Wine - Iron Chef: Kitchen Stadium St. Joseph

What a great time we all had at our Health Food and Good Wine event last Saturday. I had the distinct honor of serving at the “Alton Brown” (from Iron Chef) of Kitchen Stadium – St. Joseph. Over 400 people attended the fundraiser which raised funds for our Neuro Microscope as we further our Neuroscience service. Our Neurosurgeon, Dr. Norman Bamber and his wife Jill, served as our co-chairs along with Laura Foley and her husband David Cimpl.

A special thanks to Dorene, Sally, Caroline and our Foundation team. We also had many other volunteers from the hospital (please see list below). Thank you all for making this an amazing event. I also want to thank our restaurants, wineries, farmers and all our gursts. JJ (Jaspers) and Michael (Farmhouse) and Tate (EBT’s) were our Iron Chef competitors.

Please check out additional pictures which will be available through my twitter account, posted to the right side of this blog.

Special Thanks to:
St. Joseph Medical Center Foundation Staff
- Dorene Shipley Executive Director
- Suzanne Dell-St. Clair, Manager, St. Mary’s Foundation
- Malinda Maddox, Development Assistant
- Caroline McKnight, Major Gifts Officer
- Carla Simpson, Executive Assistant
- Deborah White, Marketing and Communications Officer
- Sally Wilson, Special Events Officer

St. Joseph Medical Center Board of Directors
- Sam H. Sabaugh, Jr., Chairman
- Laura Foley, Vice Chairman
- John L. Brown, Treasurer
- Karin Morgan, Secretary
- Christine H. DeMarea
- LeeAnn Orscheln
- Daniel J. Durkin
- Edward J. Reardon, II
- Charles F. Jensen
- Mark Teahan
- Paul McGannon
- Dennis Thum
- David Meiners
- Margaret Vincent CSJ
- Susan M. Mou, MD
- Ronald R. Weis, MD
- Kevin Winters
- Fleury Yelvington - President & CEO, Carondelet Health
- Steve Cleary, CFO, Carondelet Health
- Dorene Shipley – Executive Director, Foundation

Board Advisors:
Gerald M. Mancuso, MD Lynne G. McElhinney, MD

And the many amazing number of other volunteers who made this event a great success.
- Cheryl Anderson
- Rich Bradford
- Dave Buckles
- Kevin Corcoron
- Kim Gorman
- Kathy Frierson
- Dwight Hawkins
- Barbara Hurt
- Norvel Johnson
- Cheryl Johnson
- Joseph Jones
- Jarnail Kandola
- Stacey Kinney
- Shirley Kohly and her husband, Andy
- Mike Kruger and our Public Safety Officers
- Emily Larson
- Wanda Lipari and her husband, Steve
- Tinna McMahan and her husband, Pat
- Vicki Morris
- Kathy Mulcahy, Volunteer Chair
- Penny Murphy
- Frank Oliphant
- Darci Petty
- Larry Reimer and our plant services team
- Larry Rubin and our facilities and environmental services team
- Stefan Sapenaro
- Lauren Stewart
- Evelyn Summers
- Justyn Taylor
- Michele Vanoni
- Nan Whalen
- Georgia Zeller
- Amy Barash
- Darlene Campbell
- Michael Foust
- Patty Herr
- Jenny Kashman
- Vickie Lewer
- Gretchen McCarter
- Jasper Mirable, Jr.
- Karin Morgan
- Kathy Muehlbach
- Kathy Mulcahy
- Darci Petty
- Cindy Reynolds
- Sue Sabaugh
- Lynne Schlosser
- Tom Spencer
- Carmen Thum
- Michele Vanoni
- Mayie Vilkins
- Diana Walz
Just about a 1:5 ratio of volunteers to attendees.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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