Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Doctoring the Food and Wine

We are very excited for our upcoming Healthy Food & Good Wine event with an Iron Chef Competition featuring Chefs Jasper Mirabile Jr., of Jasper's v. Michael Foust of the Farmhouse vs. Tate Roberts from EBT Restaurant. After watching several Iron Chef shows this week, I was more prepared to help host this competition in Kitchen Stadium St. Joseph.

It was interesting to see how similar a framework the event is to healthcare:

I had several questions for our Chefs...and my thoughts on similar questions we get asked in our hospitals:

Iron Chef...Hospital Setting

What you will be cooking for the event?...What procedure will you be doing?

What ingredients?...What type of instruments or supplies will you use?

How many dishes will you make with these ingredients?...How many parts will you work on during this procedure?

Information and Inspiration on each ingredient including background, origin, how it impacts flavor, etc.?...What are you choosing to do this procedure in the way you described and how will it impact me?

Order you will add each ingredient, order, cook each ingredient, plate each, etc.?...What is the process you will follow during this procedure?

What will your other chefs (if any) be working on?...What is everyone's role in the room?

Oh yes...
And tell me some facts about your background...Before we get started, please tell me about your medical school education, healthcare background, years of experience.

Perhaps a stretch on the similarities and comparisons!

I look forward to seeing some of you at the event. Enjoy your weekend.

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