Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Model Community

In a recent blog entry, I discussed the employee engagement surveys. The survey is taken across all Ascension Health ministries across the country.

Locally, we will develop our plans around the key priorities from this most recent survey.

In today's SJMC leadership and Town Hall meetings we will discuss one of Ascension Health's strategic goals under Call for Action-we are focusing on solidifying this goal at St. Joseph Medical Center:

Ideally, associates, volunteers and physicians will take their own gifts and values into these strategies and understand how they contribute to our mission.

The goal we share with Ascension Health is: To Serve as a Model Community of Mission-Centered, Health Associates or Inspired People.

Attributes of Inspired People:

There are 8 focus areas on the way to achieve a model community and attracting and retaining talented, inspired associates:

1. Culture of High Reliability-ensuring safe and clinically excellent care
2. Formation, Learning and Development
3. Selection
4. Diversity (and inclusivity)
5. Engagement
6. Recognition
7. Health and Well-Being
8. Workplace Spirituality

I look forward to hearing how you inspire your associates or other important people in your life.

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