Thursday, September 3, 2009

Positive Influence

Last night, I attended our employee of the month celebration. We celebrated Cheryl and it was really great to see how many of her co-workers came to share in the celebration...along with the cake. She had clearly made a real impact in their work life together.

I had a chance to speak with Dave, one of our Respiratory Therapists. He was retired from the military after 23 years. He became a therapist after reading about a Respiratory Therapist in the newspaper. Though he never met that person, she certainly shaped his career decision.

Jane (aka #6 - a blog entry for another time) is the Executive Assistant for my office. She recently hosted a membership meeting of the Missouri Health Care Executives (MHCEA) District 2 (Kansas City, Missouri area). The MHCEA is a professional organization for and run by executive assistants employed by Missouri Hospital Association member facilities. Several were able to attend from local healthcare organizations. After speaking with them, it was evident how much they impact the success of the senior executives.

In my opinion, leading through Influence is underrated in our everyday personal and professional lives. I hear so many people still talking about 'control' versus influence to achieve desired outcomes or balance. I am fortunate to work with such an incredible team. I have often said that while I may not personally give hands-on nursing care, order supplies or staff a unit, I certainly can provide influence for our quality of care, patient safety, compliance, financial performance and patient satisfaction. We all can influence the outcomes in our personal and professional lives. So why not be more intentional and thoughtful with this power?

I would challenge all of us to understand how we could further spread positive influence. Please share your stories. As always, I look forward to hearing from you.

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  1. I'm glad I came across your blog. I was delighted to read your thoughts about influence and how all of us can be leaders, even if we don't have the title. You may have heard of Healing with Heart: Inspirations for Health Care Professionals by Helldorfer/Moss. It won the 2008 AJN Book of the Year in the leadership and management category. There's a reflection called "Influence." Here's a quote from that reflection that's relevant to what you wrote:
    "It is interesting to consider that all of us are leaders, whether we know it or not, whether we have the title to prove it or not. Eberyone in a hospital setting is a leader, not just the physicians and the head administrators. Think about it this way: everybody influences everyone else. Our attitudes and the way we relate to others, shape the work place and impact the feelings and behavior of those around us."

    I find we feel greater empowerment when we take responsibility for our actions and realize the impact and influence we have on those we come in contact with...and that like concentric circles that form when a stone is thrown into a pond, our influence expands in ever widening circles as those we touch, touch others.

    Terri Moss
    Moss Communications, publisher of Healing with Heart