Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Collaborative Evening with Competitors

Last night, I enjoyed dinner with Mike D., the head of the area's healthcare council, Damond and Kathy, two competitor hospital CEOs and their respective spouses.

Mike certainly has a wonderful way of getting competing hospital's together in a collaborative and non-confrontational manner. I participate in these dinners about once a year and always look forward to them. It gives the CEOs a chance to better know one another and frankly more of a comfort to explore ways to collaborate down the road. Damond is a BBQ aficionado and I can always count on him sending the, BullSheet, a BBQ magazine with upcoming competitions and ways to certify as a BBQ judge. Kathy and her husband enjoy cycling so it was fun to hear about some of their excursions.

One opportunity for collaboration is the focus on improving the health of our communities with each of us trying to serve as role models with our own healthy lifestyles (although last night with all the food and dessert, we were not quite the role models of health).

We did discuss how many times we just recruit physicians from one another and it does not add any additional physicians to our community as a whole. Recruiting more medical staff to our area is certainly another opportunity as we look to sustain and expand our medical community (especially as retirement accounts 'may' start to improve, we will see more retirements occur).

Certainly a good time getting together with competitors in a collaborative manner - Thank you Mike and Stephanie. We had a great time.

Any collaborations you could share in your communities?

Enjoy your weekend.


  1. Scott, I’m glad to hear of your recent outing. Anytime health care leaders collaborate to find ways to serve our area’s future patients, I think we’re moving in the right direction.

    We can walk arm in arm without having to see eye to eye :). Thanks, Scott.

  2. Well said. Thank you Loren.