Friday, June 4, 2010

Thank You to Those "Behind the Scenes'

Yesterday, my wife headed out of town for a two day (39.3mile) Breast Cancer walk in Chicago. That left me and our 3 kids. My first instinct was to stay out home and let people know I was going to babys....'Stop!' I meant 'serve my fatherly duty' as was quickly shared with me by Jane (aka #6) in my office.

We had a great day and it wasn't that far off (well maybe a little) from some of the experiences I have at work.

I started the morning with a 'team huddle' to discuss the days event (this means my 3 kids woke up early and jumped on me in my bed).

We discussed the plans for the day and they ran of. First, as I usually do, we grab a quick breakfast. I arrived in the Cafe...I mean my kitchen, and found that breakfast was not yet available. Along with the kids, I too waited for the eggs, waffles, pancakes and oatmeal to be cooked and served. My kids looked at me asking where breakfast was so needless to say, I became the cook for the day. In fact, I was a quick study and prepped lunch in advance.

Then we headed to take on the days events. I must say, it was certainly business casual at the pool. I then took charge in the deep end off the diving board. Others called on me to serve as a role model and take on what others could not achieve yet today...The Cannonball. I contacted Risk Management (in this case the Lifeguard) and he gave the thumbs up. Off I has been awhile since I've pulled that off but the troops seemed to enjoy my effort.

Tools, supplies and equipment along with having a voice in the organization are very important to our associates, volunteers and physicians and it certainly was the same at the household. I let my crew know that our transporter (me) needed to get some gas for the car and have it cleaned as well. I showed up to get it cleaned only to find out that I was the one who would have to do it. My kids were very helpful through the day, guiding me when I was off in the wrong direction (essentially this happened all day long). Al they asked for, in lieu of payment, was a smoothie for a hard day's work. The tradeoff seemed reasonable.

In the hospital, we have 2,000+ staff, volunteers and physicians who support our efforts. I certainly appreciate everyone's support in making our patient experience safe and first rate.

My day and weekend reminded me how much I have to thank the spouses, family and friends who support those 2,000+ 'behind the scenes'. For without them, our healthcare system would suffer and because of them, we are able to advance our efforts. Thank you.

Enjoy your weekend and stay hydrated.

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