Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's Not Just About the Rubber Bands

In my December 5, 2009 entry, I talked about our efforts at SJMC to reduce the costs of office supplies and our associate Chanda who sent out a call for rubber bands.

The other day, our Director of Volunteer Services, Jeri, came to my office for a standing meeting. She walked in with an enormous bag (I'm not exaggerating - it could have easily carried a watermelon) of rubber bands and a big smile. There were several thousand rubber bands. She told me that one of our volunteers had heard about the need for them, and collected all she had and gave them to Jeri "for the cause."

I think I've mentioned before that we have the best auxiliary in the city and this is exactly why. Our volunteers take great pride in "their" hospital.

Later that day, associate Margaret shared some information about our "Rubber Band Angel"-coincidentally, her name is Angie.

Angie is 95 years old. She came to us in 1995 and has given more than 7,600 hours in service - mainly working in the gift shop evenings and Saturdays. She should have more hours than that but she volunteers at a nearby church, unlocking the doors every morning. Then she goes to volunteer at one of several other organizations daily.

During World War II, she was a WAC (Women's Army Corps), joining the WACs to see the world. Last year we asked our veterans to submit information about their military experience. Here's part of her biography:

"Going overseas we flew in a small plane with 6 of us and over the ocean nearing the Netherlands there were bolts of fire and I thought it was a greeting to the American plane but the sergeant said 'Lady, those are the Germans shooting at us.' "

She's quite a woman.

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